Episode 5 – Buyers are Liars

The Cheeky Sales Coach
The Cheeky Sales Coach
Episode 5 - Buyers are Liars

You do it. I do it. When we’re in the “buyer” persona, we lie to sales people. There are lots of reasons for this. Most of them are not really bad. But they’re real.

Part of the reason buyers are liars is that they have been trained to be by previous sales people. So they learned to lie long before you came along. I hope that makes you feel better.

One reason that “classic” sales training doesn’t work most of the time is that it assumes buyers are telling the truth. Even worse: It assumed that they’re logical and rational. We all know that we buy based on emotion and justify it with logic. And yet, we’re trained to engage prospects in a debate that is bound to fail.

Remember: You can’t control people; but you can control your process. I discuss that in some detail.

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